Zossen was a peasant village in Unkerlant. It was difficult to channel magic there, as there was no nearby ley line. At the dawn of the Derlavaian War, Zossen seemed to be expanding to importance, and Headman Waddo even believed a crystal might be installed in the town square.

The war put an end to that. In the course of suppressing resistance, the Algarvian occupiers made an example of Zossen by destroying it so thoroughly that there was nothing left to indicate it had ever been there.

Garivald, a patriotic song writer, was from Zossen, and had been captured by the Algarvians but then rescued by a partisan cell, which soon chose him as their leader. Thus he survived the town's destruction.

Literary comment[]

Zossen is the name of a German town, about 30 kilometres (20 mi) south of Berlin.