Zosel vez Glesir
Fictional Character
"Down in the Bottomlands"
POD: 5.5 million years ago
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Hereditary Tyranny of Tartesh
Species: Strongbrow
Date of Birth: 20th Century
Occupation: Attendant, tourguide

Zosel vez Glesir was one of two attendants who ran the lodge located in Trench Park in the Bottomlands.[1] He and the other attendant, Fer vez Canthal, played a small peripheral role in the investigation into the murder of Dokhnor of Kellef and the related plot to flood the Bottomlands. They later joined Radnal vez Krobir's expedition into the Bottomlands on the trail of the two Krepalgan spies, Lofosa and Evillia,[2] and were present when the starbomb the two had planted in the ground was discovered.[3]


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