Zoltan Nagy
Fictional Character
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Race: Vampire
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: 1917
Cause of Death: Stake to the heart
Parents: Gyula Nagy (purported "father")
Affiliations: St. Louis Browns (as a "batboy")

Zoltan Nagy (d. September 14, 1917) claimed to be Gyula Nagy's son. In 1917, he traveled with his supposed father, acting as a "batboy" for the St. Louis Browns baseball team. In early September, second baseman Laszlo Kovacs got the impression that Zoltan was a vampire, a fact which he proved in Detroit when he caught sight of Zoltan's empty clothing in a mirror.

When Zoltan tried to get into the room Lazslo shared with Rip, the second basemen hammered a spike into his heart and Rip threw a clove of garlic down his throat. After his death, nobody, including Gyula, remembered Zoltan, except for Laszlo and Rip.