Zhanns Bostofa
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
"The Mrem Go West"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Mrem
Religion: Aedonniss-worship
Occupation: Soldier, rancher
Affiliations: Clan of the Claw

Zhanns Bostofa was a Mrem warrior in the Clan of the Claw, and a rancher of bundor and hamsticorns. He had bright eyes, a black and white coat, and an unusually fat midsection which was ill-suited to the way of the warrior. He was considered to be very sly.

Bostofa opposed Talonmaster Rantan Taggah's plan to relocate the Clan to a safer land, saying that they would be safer from the Liskash if they simply stayed put. Bostofa committed a serious breach of Clan conduct when he made this declaration, by speaking out of turn when Taggah held the scepter of talking during a Clan meeting. After speaking his proposal, Taggah handed the scepter to Ramm Passk't, who supported Taggah's plan. In the interest of fairness, the scepter next had to be passed to Bostofa to speak his piece. Bostofa said that an action against the Liskash would be suicidal, and presented his evidence: Grumm, a Mrem slave who had "escaped" from Lord Sassin's domain, although every Claw suspected (correctly) that Grumm was a mind-controlled plant.

Literary comment[]

Zhanns Bostofa is named after Bustopher Jones, a character in Cats: The Musical. His description closely resembles Jones as well.