Zachariah Chandler
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1813
Date of Death: 1879
Cause of Death: Complications resulting from a common cold
Religion: Presbyterianism
Occupation: Educator, Politician
Spouse: Letitia Grace Douglass
Children: Mary Douglas Chandler
Political Party: Whig Party,
Republican Party
Political Office(s): Mayor of Detroit,
United States Senator from Michigan,
US Secretary of the Interior
Fictional Appearances:
"Must and Shall"
POD: July 12, 1864
Type of Appearance: Direct
Political Office(s): United States Senator from Michigan

Zachariah T. Chandler (December 10, 1813 – November 1, 1879) was Mayor of Detroit (1851–52), a four-term U.S. Senator from the state of Michigan (1857–75, 1879), and Secretary of the Interior under U.S. President Ulysses S. Grant (1875–77).

Zachariah Chandler in "Must and Shall"[]

Senator Zachariah Chandler was one of the Radical Republicans who supported President Hannibal Hamlin's plan to impose a harsh peace on the South after the Great Rebellion. He was present for Hamlin's swearing-in on July 21, 1864.

Political offices
Preceded by
John Ladue
Mayor of Detroit
Succeeded by
John H. Harmon
Preceded by
Columbus Delano
United States Secretary of the Interior
Succeeded by
Carl Schurz
Preceded by
Lewis Cass
United States Senator from Michigan
Succeeded by
Isaac P. Christiancy
Preceded by
Isaac P. Christiancy
United States Senator from Michigan
Succeeded by
Henry P. Baldwin
Preceded by
Charles Sumner
Dean of the United States Senate
Succeeded by
Henry Anthony