Yuri Illyich Kronov
Fictional Character
Shared Universe Story
War World
Appearance: "Hang Together"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Russia, Soviet Union
Date of Birth: Mid 21st century
Occupation: Bureaucrat
Parents: Ilya Kronov

Yuri Ilyich Kronov was a mid-level Russian bureaucrat in the CoDominium Bureau of Relocation working in Moscow. His immediate superior was Genadi Ivorovich Kirichenko, a Ukrainian, whom Kronov despised as much through bigotry as he did due to the man's personality. While he did his work satisfactorily, he was a secret supporter of the Russian Nationalist movement.

One day, Kronov came to work in the Moscow offices of the BuReLoc as usual despite the rioting and the violent suppression of a Russian nationalist group two days before in Red Square. After he settled in, his supervisor Genadi Ivorovich Kirichenko bustled in with an armload of papers. These were deportation orders to be processed, of two or three hundred Russian Nationalists rounded up in St. Petersburg who were being detained in Riga. Kirichenko informed Kronov he was to process them and told him he could take the afternoon off if he finished early. This was an insult since it was at least twelve hours work if Kronov followed the rules and respected the dispersal ratios.

Because Kronov was a secret Payma supporter and because he despised his supervisor, he chose to ignore the ratios. He looked first for a possible deportation site that contained Ukrainians (the same nationality as Kirichenko) but failed to find anywhere satisfactory. He settled for Estonians in Tallinn Valley on Haven. He finished his task at midnight, content that the Russians would naturally subjugate and rule the Estonians of Haven.[1]


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