Yitzhak Avigad
Fictional Character
Alpha and Omega
Set in the Future of OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Israel
Religion: Orthodox Judaism
Date of Birth: 1970s
Occupation: Soldier, kibbutz member
Spouse: Sarah Avigad
Relatives: Tzvi Avigad (brother);
Chaim Avigad (nephew)
Professional Affiliations: Kibbutz Nair Tamid
Military Branch: Israeli Defense Forces

Yitzhak Avigad was a solid, stocky Israeli in his early forties. He was a member of Kibbutz Nair Tamid and worked with the Reconstruction Alliance to build the Third Temple.

When the Alliance determined a ritually pure red heifer might exist in Arkansas, they sent Avigad to examine the animal. He took his nephew Chaim with him on the trip. The two arrived at Bill Henderson's farm who greeted both warmly. Avigad examined the cow closely, using a jeweler's loupe to make sure it was solidly red. He didn't find any white patches and so agreed to buy Rosie and ship it back to Israel.[1]


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