Fictional Character
"The Banner of Kaviyan"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Arab Caliphate
Religion: Islam
Occupation: Dihqan

Yaqut was the Dihqan of a castle just across the border of Tabaristan in Arab occupied Persia. He hosted Shahin when the latter set out on his quest to find the Banner of Kaviyan.

At dinner, in a casual manner, Yaqut asked Shahin where he was journeying. Shahin, in an off-hand manner, replied he was bored of the view from his window and so decided to see the wider world. Yaqut expressed polite disbelief and stated that he did not think Pakor the Dihqan would let his son simply wander off. He thus showed he knew who Shahin was and then asked more sharply why he was journeying. Shahin, needing to keep his quest secret, lied and managed to convince Yaqut that he and his father had quarrelled and so he was no longer welcome in his father's home. He added that he would not be worth holding for ransom if that was what Yaqut had in mind. Yaqut swore in Allah's name that that had not crossed his mind and pointed out that they had shared bread and salt. While Shahin did not trust in oaths in a god he did not believe in, he did acknowledged that Yaqut understood his responsibilities in hospitality.

After dinner, Shahin asked to be excused for the night as he was tired from his travelling. Yaqut did so and sent him off to bed with Shiren, a serving girl who Yaqut called a personally trained bed-warmer. Shahin had a pleasant night and then set off in the morning.[1]


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