Wroclaw is the chief city of the historical region of Lower Silesia in south-western Poland, situated on the Oder River. Prior to World War II, it was the city of Breslau, Germany, but was returned to Poland in 1945.

Note: This applies to the OTL history of the city of Wroclaw. For its uses in other timelines, see Breslau.

Wroclaw in The Hot War[]

During the Polish uprising that began during World War III and continued after the main war ended in July, 1952, Wroclaw became an important transportation hub for the Soviets. This meant fierce fighting for the town's railroads between the Russians and the Polish rebels.[1]

Wroclaw in The Man With the Iron Heart[]

Wroclaw had just passed into Polish hands when NKVD Captain Vladimir Bokov visited it in late 1945. In the closing days of World War II, the German-occupation government had decided that Wroclaw (called Breslau by the Germans) must be held at all costs. Thus, when Bokov visited, Wroclaw was still recovering after months of siege.

As Poland had initiated its plan for relocating Germans within its borders, the German Freedom Front was quite active in the area, having already killed the local governor. Bokov travelled to Wroclaw to meet with Polish Army Captain Leszczynski and interrogate the Werewolves the Poles had captured.


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