Wotan Rengaw
Fictional Character
"The Yorkshire Mammoth"
POD: c. 11,700 years ago
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: England, United Kingdom
Date of Birth: Early 20th century
Occupation: Veterinarian
Relatives: Donner (brother)

Wotan Rengaw and his brother Donner were veterinary surgeons who maintained a practice in Thrsk, Yorkshire in the 1930s. Before he joined the practice, George Holley wondered if they were fierce Teutons who wore swastika buttons on their lapels, but they were comfortably Anglo-Saxon. When asked about their names, Wotan joked about how their mother was once frightened by an opera, whereas Donner was tight-lipped when the subject was raised.[1]

Literary comment[]

Wotan Rengaw is based on the character Siegfried Farnon from James Herriot's fiction. Wotan and Siegfried are Wagnerian character names. A running gag in the Herriot series is that the Farnons' father was a Wagner fanatic. (Spell "Rengaw" backwards.) In All Creatures Great and Small, chapter 6 (U.S. edition), Siegfried expresses thankfulness that his name isn't Wotan.


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