William F. Devin
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1898
Date of Death: 1982
Cause of Death: Natural causes
Religion: Presbyterianism
Occupation: Lawyer, Judge, politician
Military Branch: United States Army (World War I)
Political Party: Republican Party
Political Office(s): Mayor of Seattle
Fictional Appearances:
The Hot War
POD: November, 1950
Appearance(s): Bombs Away
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Political Office(s): Mayor of Seattle

William Franklin Devin (1898 - February 2, 1982) was an American attorney and politician. He served as the mayor of Seattle, Washington for four terms, from 1942 to 1952. He'd served in World War I. After World War II, he was important in re-establishing peacetime relations between the U.S. and Japan.

William F. Devin in The Hot War[]

On March 1, 1951, with World War III underway in Europe, Seattle Mayor Bill Devin announced that the city's civil defenses were being expanded, and that air-raid warnings would begin the following week.[1] However, in the early hours of March 2, the Soviet Union, in an audacious act, dropped an atomic bomb in between Seattle and the suburb of Everett.[2]

Literary comment[]

Devin's fate is not revealed.


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Political offices
Preceded by
Earl Milikin
Mayor of Seattle
Succeeded by
Allan Pomeroy