William Borah
Historical Figure
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: 1865
Date of Death: 1940
Cause of Death: Cerebral hemorrhage
Religion: Protestantism
Occupation: Lawyer
Spouse: Mary McConnell
Children: Paulina Longworth(?)
Political Party: Republican Party
Political Office(s): United States Senator from Idaho
Fictional Appearances:
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): The Victorious Opposition
Type of Appearance: Contemporary reference
Political Party: Democratic Party

William Edgar Borah (June 29, 1865 - January 19, 1940) was a prominent Republican attorney and longtime United States Senator from Idaho noted for his oratorical skills and isolationist views. One of his nicknames later in life was "The Lion of Idaho."

Before entering politics, Borah was a prosecutor, even once matching wits with Clarence Darrow. As a member of the Idaho legislature and then the U.S. Senate, Borah tended toward progressive domestic policy (supporting Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, in the face of opposition from his own party), but tended more toward isolationism in foreign matters. He sought the party nomination in 1936, but was defeated by Alf Landon.

Borah died on January 19, 1940, lamenting the outbreak of World War II. Strong evidence suggests that he fathered Paulina Longworth, the only daughter of Alice Roosevelt Longworth, and thus the granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt, who was only six years Borah's senior.

William Borah in Southern Victory[]

William Borah was Democratic Vice Presidential candidate in 1936, running with incumbent President, Herbert Hoover.[1] Due to Hoover's indecisiveness in dealing with Confederate President Jake Featherston, and his inability to cope with the depression, Socialist candidate Al Smith won quite easily.[2]

Even loyal Democrats viewed Borah as being unintelligent, and were more impressed with Socialist VP candidate, Charles W. La Follette.[3].


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