Fictional Character
Agent of Byzantium
POD: c. AD 597
Appearance(s): "Unholy Trinity"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Angleland
Religion: Melange of Christianity and Norse polytheism
Date of Birth: 13th century
Occupation: Thegn, Merchant, Spy
Relatives: Hilda (niece)

Wighard posed as a tin merchant from Angleland. In fact, he was a thegn of King Oswy, and had been set, along with his niece Hilda, to Ispania to investigate the successful Franco-Saxon attacks on the Roman Empire. Oddly enough, despite holding a respectable rank in a Christian (but not Orthodox) kingdom, Wighard was a pagan who worshiped the Norse pantheon including Thor along with Christianity.

The two pretended to be on a trading trip and staying in Tarrago when the Franco-Saxons attacked. Wighard heard a loud roar, saw a cloud of foul smoke and then the locked gates came crashing down. The two of them escaped through another gate and hid in the graveyard a half mile to the west. He scared off a squad of soldiers by suddenly rising up and shouting "Boo"! Wighard figured that with their consorting with demons, they would be more fearful than he, and it seemed that he was proved correct.

Wighard and his niece made their way south and west to New Carthage where they took up residence in Ioan's Inn and told their story to Basil Argyros. A few days later, the two set out into occupied territory to see what they could discover. They followed the old legionaries coastal road to the northeast, bypassing Tarrago, Barcilo and Empurias since they were all garrisoned and came to Pertuis. There, they were unsurprised to find Argyros.

Wighard made to settle down and have lunch even though it was mid-morning. As he did so, he explained that King Oswy was outraged how the Franco-Saxons had defeated the Anglelander navy using their black magic. Argyros then stated the two were sent to see if they could discover anything in Ispania. Wighard agreed and then demanded if Argyros was an agent of the Emperor, which Agyros admitted he was.