Author Harry Turtledove, as Eric Iverson
Series Elabon Series
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Belmont Tower
Publication date 1979
Preceded by Wereblood
Followed by Prince of the North

Werenight (Belmont Tower, 1979) is the second novel published by Harry Turtledove (under the penname Eric G. Iverson). It is the second novel of the Elabon Series. However, since the 1990s, Werenight and its predecessor Wereblood have been published as a single volume under the title Werenight, which Turtledove claims "fixes up" poorly written passages in the first edition, without changing any plot elements. Starting with that edition, Turtledove and his publishers have consistently numbered the revised Werenight as volume 1 in the series. The most recent edition of Werenight was published by Open Road Media in 2015 in e-book format.

The Baen re-release, with Turtledove's name on it