Author Harry Turtledove, as Eric Iverson
Series Elabon Series
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Belmont Tower
Publication date 1979
Followed by Werenight

Wereblood (Belmont Tower, 1979) is the first novel published by Harry Turtledove, under the penname Eric G. Iverson. It is the first book in the Elabon Series, and features Gerin the Fox as the sole POV. Since the 1990s, Wereblood and its sequel, Werenight, have been published as a single volume under the title Werenight. The most recent edition of Werenight was published by Open Road Media in 2015 in e-book format.

Note on character lists[]

As the canonical version of Werenight is considered the first in the series, with Wereblood being part of the same novel, characters who appeared in either of the original novels will only be considered as appearing in Werenight. Characters who also appeared in Wereblood, or only Wereblood, will not be given a separate listing.