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Wayne State College is a four-year public college in the Nebraska State College System in Wayne, Nebraska, United States. The current enrollment is 3,571. The college opened as a State Normal School in 1910 after the State purchased the private Nebraska Normal College (established 1891). The State Normal College became State Normal School and Teacher's College in 1921. This was changed to Nebraska State Teachers College at Wayne in 1949 and the present name was adopted in 1963.

Wayne State College in Supervolcano[]

Bryce Miller was surprised to receive a letter from Wayne State since he didn't remember applying for a teaching position there and even more surprised when it turned out to be an offer of an assistant professorship. The letter informed him that the position had become recently vacant when Prof. Smetana had passed away from lung disease caused by the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption. Miller figured he was being offered the position because the college needed to fill it quickly to keep the funding and that he would work cheaper than most. Nevertheless he accepted the position.[1]

Miller took the position and found the work gratifying. He found that some of the students understood how things like the Peloponnesian War and Melian Dialogue applied to their present situations and lives but feared more did not. But on the whole, he was satisfied he had made the move.[2]


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