Warberg is a municipality in the district of Helmstedt, in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Warberg in The Hot War[]

Warberg, West Germany fell to the Soviet Union the first half of 1951, during the opening phase of World War III.

In July, 1951, after the U.S. used multiple atomic bombs to break the Soviet drive, NATO forces launched their own frantic drive to retake the West German territory. By March, 1952, Warberg was back in NATO hands. The Russians attempted to take the town again. They launched their attack by sending in Shturmoviks to bomb the town. However, the U.S. responded with F-80s. Three Shturmoviks were shot down and the rest retreated. Despite the set back, Soviet infantry moved in. A hidden German machine gun broke the advance, mowing down Soviet troops as they entered the town, causing the survivors to run.[1]


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