War of 1809
Timeline Atlantis
Date 1809
Location United States of Atlantis
Result Status quo antebellum
United States of Atlantis Britainflag.jpg United Kingdom

The War of 1809 was a brief war between the Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of Atlantis. Britain declared war on Atlantis after Atlantis was discovered to be supporting rebellious British possessions in Terranova. Despite the fact that Britain was already in a war with France, Britain was nonetheless able to bring its tremendous naval resources into play. Although the Atlantean navy acquitted itself well, the British Royal Navy bombarded the Atlantean coastal cities of Freetown and Pomphret Landing. At Pomphret Landing, British Royal Marines raided the town, indiscriminately killing its remaining inhabitants.

British forces were sailing on Avalon when peace was reached. The near attack on Avalon came to be known as the Battle That Never Was. The status quo antebellum was returned.

The war was only the second substantial military conflict engaged in by the United States of Atlantis.[1]

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