von Mellenthin's Syndrome (vMS) was a syndrome marked by emotionalism over rationality, a lack of detail-oriented thinking, an understanding of non-verbal social cues, and a comparative lack of sincerity. People diagnosed vMS were also called emos. Approximately one percent of the human species had vMS.

The condition was first identified by Friedrich von Mellenthin, and described in a paper published in a journal in Vienna in 1943, during World War II. It wasn't until after von Mellenthin's death that the paper was rediscovered and that normie society began to understand vMS.

Historically, emos gravitated towards more "creative" vocations, such as acting, writing, and the arts. Their ability to fake sincerity and detect non-verbal social cues also led many to criminal careers as scam artists and the like. At the turn of the century, emos were frequently responsible for acts of mass murder, and were prone to suicide, leading some politicians to call for the detection of emos and abridgment of emo rights. With society's increased understanding of vMS, however, emos did develop the tools to work in society.[1]


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