Vissarion Gomez
Fictional Character
POD: 20th Century(?)
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: West Coast People's Democratic Republic
Date of Birth: 21st century (?)
Parents: Manuel Gomez

Vissarion Gomez was the son of Manuel Gomez, a junk shop manager in Los Angeles, West Coast People's Democratic Republic. As a growing boy, he ate up whatever profits the family managed to generate.

He was the first person to notice that Charlie Simpkins, the grocer next to his family's shop, had not put up the political sign the state had required. After Simpkins confirmed that he'd received a poster and just hadn't put it up, the incredulous Vissarion told Simpkins it was his funeral and left. At closing time, Manuel Gomez came over to see for himself. He, too, warned Simpkins that this was a bad idea, but Simpkins was resolute, so Gomez simply wished him luck.[1]


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