The Via Cassia was an important Roman road striking out of the Via Flaminia near the Milvian Bridge in the immediate vicinity of Rome and, passing not far from Veii, traversed Etruria. The Via Cassia passed through Baccanae, Sutrium (modern Sutri), Volsinii (modern Bolsena) , Clusium, Arretium (modern Arrezo), Florentia (modern Florence, Pistoria, and Luca (modern Lucca), joining the Via Aurelia at Luna (modern Luni).

Via Cassia in "The Fake Pandemic"[]

After traveling primarily on the Via Aemilia from Ancona, Tribonian and his guide, Quintus Verus, switched over to the Via Cassia at Bologna for the remainder of the journey to Florence. Tribonian was impressed to see work crews repairing the Via Cassia.[1]


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