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Périgueux or Periguers is a commune in the Dordogne department in Aquitaine in southwestern France.

The name Périgueux comes from Petrocorii, a Latin adaptation of Celtic words meaning "the four tribes" – the Gallic people that held the area before the Roman conquest. Périgueux was their capital city. In 200 BC, the Petrocorii came from the north and settled at Périgueux and established an encampment at La Boissière. After the Roman invasion, they left this post and established themselves on the plaine of L'Isle, and the town of Vesunna was created. This Roman city was eventually embellished with amenities such as temples, baths, amphitheatres, and a forum. At the end of the third century AD, the Roman city was surrounded by ramparts, and the town took the name of Civitas Petrocoriorum.

Vesunna in "Death in Vesunna"Edit

Vesunna was a formerly Gaulish town in the western part of the Roman Empire province of Aquitaine. It was situated on the right bank of the river Isle. In the 2nd Century AD, two men from the 21st Century, Lou Muller and Mark Alvarez, arrived in Vesunna, intent on obtaining copies of old texts that were long lost in their own time. They killed one Clodius Eprius for his copy of Sophokles' Aleadai, but were ultimately apprehended by the Roman authorities and trapped in the past.

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