Vern Green
Fictional Character
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): Drive to the East;
The Grapple;
In at the Death
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Confederate States
Religion: Baptist
Date of Death: 1945
Cause of Death: Execution by hanging
Occupation: Chief Camp Guard
Military Branch: Freedom Party Guards
(Second Great War, 1941-1944)
Political Party: Freedom Party

Vern Green (d. 1945) was the chief guard at Camp Determination when it opened. As such he was a rival to camp commandant Jefferson Pinkard and had back channels to report on him to Richmond.[1] Unlike Mercer Scott, the chief guard at Camp Dependable who acted like a nasty drill sergeant, Green was pleasant and smiled a lot. He believed in the adage of catching more flies with honey than with vinegar.[2]

In the autumn of 1942, a Negro waiter blew himself up at work in Jackson, Mississippi killing eleven white women. This led President Jake Featherston to order the entire black population of the town to be shipped off to Camp Determination. It forced Green and Pinkard to work like mad along with the guard contingent to "reduce the population" as quickly as each trainload arrived. The two managed without causing major disruptions to the rest of the camp.[3]

As the Eleventh Army advanced on Snyder, Texas, Camp Determination was abandoned and Pinkard, Green and other camp personnel transferred east to Camp Humble.[4] The war continued to go against the Confederates and Attorney General Ferdinand Koenig ordered Pinkard to select all guards who were fit for duty and send them to Little Rock for induction into the army. He and Green went through the roster and selected those who would be sent. The two also agreed that Pinkard would announce Koenig's orders and Green would read out the names of the guards being transferred.[5]

In 1944, Texas Governor Wright Patman Made an agreement with the U.S. to have Texas be recognized as an independent republic if it seceded from the CSA. Green elected to flee Texas along with other guards rather than wait to be arrested. However, their escape was stopped by a force of Texas Rangers. This resulted in a firefight which the guards lost.[6]

Green was arrested and placed in a Humble city jail cell across from Pinkard who had been arrested in the camp.[7] Green was tried in the Confederate District Courthouse in the city of Houston for crimes against humanity. He was convicted and executed at the same time as Pinkard. In the end, Green lost his nerve and had to be helped up the gallows stairs by a guard before being hanged.[8]


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