Valnia was a medium-sized queendom. Its capital city was Great Valnia.[1] Valnia was sometimes called the "Misty Monarchy" because of its fogs and mists. However, the Vale of Meshov along the Blue Mountains was misty even by Valnian standards.[2]

Located in the Vale, with its vapors and mists, were pines, firs, and spruces, including the unique Golden Fir. The fir stood for more than three centuries, becoming a symbol of Valnia and its monarchy.[3]

Valnia was a matriarchal society. In addition to head of state, women held most of the crucial positions in government.[4]

During the reign of Queen Hovsefa, the people of Valnia learned that the life of the Golden Fir and the life of the reigning queen were somehow bonded. The Golden Fir developed branchrot. Concurrently, Hovsefa developed a growth in her esophagus.[5]


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