Valley-Westside War of 2097
Date 2097
Location Los Angeles, former United States of America
Result The Valley victory, occupation of Westside
The Valley Westside
Commanders and leaders
Zev of the Valley Cal

The Valley-Westside War of 2097 was a series of military actions between the kingdoms of The Valley and Westside which resulted in Westside being occupied by the Valley's forces.

The war was immediately caused by the Westside's decision to blockade a key route used by the Valley. The war was preceded by the already chilly relations between the two countries. The Westsiders' actions were borne out of the idea that the Valley was too weak and badly equipped to fight back. While this was technically true, the Valley had found a Old Time machine gun to counter Westside's superiority in weapons. With the machine gun, everything went downhill for Westside and ended with the Valley's occupation of Westside.

It was during the occupation that Dan first met Liz Mendoza, a denizen of another timeline, and other events followed.

Due to the scale of the brief war, in the home timeline, it can be classified as little more than a big battle.

In general, the Valley and Westside (as well as other mini-states in what had been Los Angeles) were full-fledged nation states with all that this entails: Intense patriotism involving pride in the homeland and hostility towards other countries and their inhabitants; a national army with its proud combat traditions; a century-long national history; a unique and distinct form of government, different from that of other countries; protective tariffs designed to protect the home industries against foreign competition...

All this might have seemed a bit ridiculous to visitors from the home timeline, for whom Los Angeles was a single city within one state of the United States, itself part of a global community interlinked by fast communications and transportation. But this alternate's natives took it completely seriously, as the only reality they had ever known.