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While Harry Turtledove does not depict every presidential election or describe them in sufficient detail to justify articles, he does sometimes provide information about the victor or the loser of a given election, which in turn may be an important detail in the history of a fictional timeline.

"The Breaking of Nations"


Donald Trump won re-election in 2020. He died during the second COVID-19 outbreak in 2024.[1]

2024 and 2028

Upon Donald Trump's death Vice Presient Mike Pence ascended to the presidency With Russia's help. He was elected in his own right in 2024 and 2028, and expanded a right-wing theocratic one-party state at the Federal level. [2] His vice president was Lindsey Graham.

Southern Victory


Incumbent Republican President Abraham Lincoln and his running mate Hannibal Hamlin lost to their Democratic challengers.

1868 and 1872

Unnamed Democrats defeated unnamed Republicans


Democrat Samuel J. Tilden prevailed over his unnamed Republican rival. Vice presidential candidates are unnamed.

1884, 1888, 1892, 1896, 1900, 1904, and 1908

Democrats won all of these elections, defeating unnamed Republican and Socialist opponents. Alfred Thayer Mahan and Thomas B. Reed won, but it is unknown how many terms each served, and only broad clues as to when they each held office.



Republican Earl Warren and his running mate Harold Stassen defeated an unnamed Democratic ticket.

Joyce Peterman appears to have won in 2020, but whether this was her first election or her second is unspecified, as is her party affiliation.

Congressional Elections

The Hot War

The Republicans won the majority in 1952.

Joe Steele

The Democrats maintained the majority for every election between 1932 and 1952.

The Man With the Iron Heart

The Republicans won the majority in 1948.

Southern Victory

Election Year Majority
1862,'64,'68','72, '76 Democratic Party
1880 Republican Party
1882, '84, '86, '88, '92, '96, 1900, '02, '04, '06, '08, '10, '12, '14, '16 Democratic
1918 Socialist/Republican coalition
1920, '22, '24, '26, '28 Socialist
1930, '32, '34 Democratic
1936, '38, '40, '42 Socialist
1944 Democratic

The War That Came Early

The Democratic Party maintained majorities in 1940 and 1942.


No election was held in 1942. The Democratic Party maintained their majority.


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