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ML4E ML4E 7 April 2021

Stay-At-Home Order - April 2021

Well it looks like we are having another major lock-down in Ontario. Effective midnight, everyone is to stay home unless you are an essential worker required to work outside of your home and to make essential purchases (food medicine, etc.) On the other hand, non-essential purchases can be made online and picked up curb-side. Go figure.

In any case, I will be off-line until May. Hopefully, this wiill be the last one since the Province hopes to have 40% of the population vaccinated by then, especially in work and residential hot-spots. Take care all!

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ML4E ML4E 23 December 2020

Lock-down Expansion

We have been in a partial lock-down for the last month but cases have been growing. The Provincial Government has announced enhanced measures effective December 26. This will include the shut-down of Public Libraries for 28 days minimum. Since I haven't made alternate arrangements, I will be off line until the end of January at the earliest. I wish each and everyone of you Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas and for a better 2021.

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ML4E ML4E 21 November 2020

Lock-down 2.0

As of Monday, Toronto and Peel Region (communities immediately to the west or Toronto) will go into a tighter lock-down for 28 days. Bars and restaurants will be restricted to only pick-up and delivery. Stores, aside from essentials like grocery and drugstores, will no longer allow people inside. Online and phone orders will allow for curbside pick-up. Barbers, hair salons etc. will be closed.

For me, I still haven't set up home internet and am using the public library. Apparently, all branches will be closed Monday and Tuesday to reorganize their layouts but will have computer access as of Wednesday so I will be back shortly. If you do not hear from me, it may be due to a change in this with little warning.

I am skeptical about the length o…

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ML4E ML4E 13 November 2020

COVID-19 Lock down

Well its Friday the 13th and it looks like Toronto and surroundings maybe headed for another lock down. The last time was Friday March 13th. We had the case numbers down to about a hundred new ones each day in early September so the province began lifting restrictions, including restarting physical Public School classes. Not unexpectedly, the case numbers rose once more to a plateau of about 600 a day which was the peak in the first wave. However, we are doing considerably more test per day (40,000 vs 12-15,000 then) so it wasn't that concerning. The other factor was that hospitalization remained low compared to then (100 vs 1000).

But in the last week the numbers began climbing substantially to 1475 yesterday. We also had a pres conference…

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ML4E ML4E 22 February 2020

Color Codes Used

A summary of the various hex color codes by story template.

1 - An attempt at the St. Louis Browns' colors.
2 - Default color until a specific one is assigned.

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