Lock-down 2.0

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As of Monday, Toronto and Peel Region (communities immediately to the west or Toronto) will go into a tighter lock-down for 28 days. Bars and restaurants will be restricted to only pick-up and delivery. Stores, aside from essentials like grocery and drugstores, will no longer allow people inside. Online and phone orders will allow for curbside pick-up. Barbers, hair salons etc. will be closed.

For me, I still haven't set up home internet and am using the public library. Apparently, all branches will be closed Monday and Tuesday to reorganize their layouts but will have computer access as of Wednesday so I will be back shortly. If you do not hear from me, it may be due to a change in this with little warning.

I am skeptical about the length of the shut-down since the last one in March was for three weeks and lasted until late August. On the plus side, this one is not as rigorous. We shall see what we shall see.

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