A summary of the various hex color codes by story template.

Story Color Hex Code
After the Downfall Drab 967117
After the Last Elf is Dead Dark elf 4A1C78
Agent of Byzantium Byzantium 702963
Alpha and Omega Paradise pink E63E62
Atlantis Atlantis 97CD2D
The Banner of Kaviyan Persian blue 1C39BB
The Barbecue, the Movie, & Other Unfortunately Not So Relevant Material Barbecue grill A21E1E
Batboy Orange red1 FF4500
A Beak for Trends Parrot red B94A46
Bedfellows Bedfellows 9F4959
Before the Beginning Comet F6782C
Between the Rivers Sand dune ECD540
Birdwitching Birdwatching FECC2A
Black Tulip Black tulip 463542
The Bleeding Moon Moon glow FCFEDA
Bluethroats Ruddy blue 76ABDF
Bluff Poker face E7A83E
The Boring Beast Broken condom FFFED6
But It Does Move Cardinal C41E3A
The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump Toxic spells B3C70C
The Castle of the Sparrowhawk Fairy castle F89EF3
The Catcher in the Rhine Opera mauve B784A7
Cayos in the Stream Caribbean green 00CC99
Chicxulub Asteroid Missed Bone E3DAC9
Christmas Truce Christmas Green 007152
Clash of Arms Heraldry B1AB11
Clever Rolf Stories Pale silver C9C0BB
Coming Across Fairy lust C3468C
Conan of Venarium Black shadows BFAFB2
Counting Potsherds Terra cotte E2725B
Crosstime Traffic Series Light blue lightblue
Crybaby Baby blue 89CFF0
Curious Notions Prussian blue 003153
Curse of the Three Demons Demon curse 9A9C28
The Daimon Athens gray EEF0F3
Darkness Charcoal 36454F
Days of Infamy Honolulu blue 006DB0
Death in Vesunna Revolver 2C1632
Deconstruction Gang Asphalt 130A06
Designated Hitter Later gator 2A7F41
La Différence Jupiter's Moons 8C4F41
A Different Flesh Cadmium orange ED872D
A Different Vein Comedy of terror 08A566
The Disunited States of America Cobalt blue 0047AB
Donner Summit Outer space 2D383A
Down in the Bottomlands Sahara B3932F
Drang von Osten Retreat and surrender EDDEDA
Earthgrip Earth yellow E1A95F
The Eighth-Grade History Class Visits the Hebrew Home for the Aging Bittersweet FE6F5E
Elder Skelter Generation Y 2E60AD
Election Day Vivid sky blue 00CCFF
The Emperor's Return Emperor 514649
Eyewear Sunray E3AB57
Farmers' Law Wheat F5DEB3
Father of the Groom Bridal heath FFFAF4
The Fillmore Shoggoth Shoggoth ADB872
Fort Pillow Blue 0000FF
The Garden Gnome Freedom Front Lawn green 7CFC00
The Genetics Lecture Mollusk 9B7147
Gentlemen of the Shade Blood red 8A0707
Getting Real Opium 8E6F70
Gilgamesh and the Homeboys Royal red 9B1C31
The Girl Who Took Lessons Affair 714693
Give Me Back My Legions! Roman Silver 838996
The Gladiator Red FF0000
Gladly Wolde He Lerne School bus yellow FFD800
Global Warming Purple (default2) purple
Goddess for a Day Athena DEDACF
The Golden Fir Golden poppy FCC200
The Great White Way White Smoke F5F5F5
The Green Buffalo Triceratops 159664
Gunpowder Empire Gunpowder 414257
The Guns of the South Gray 808080
Hail! Hail! Texas rose FFB555
Half the Battle Star command blue 007BB8
Hatching Season Hadrosaur AFEEBB
The Haunted Bicuspid Bicuspid F8FFF0
He Woke in Darkness Shadow 8A795D
Hellenic Traders Wine dark sea 722F37
Hi, Colonic Hookworm 794C11
Hindsight Hindsight EDD572
Honeymouth Honey FDD378
The Horse of Bronze Ancient Bronze 704A07
The Hot War Atomic tangerine FF9966
The House of Daniel Fantasy baseball 78A58E
The House That George Built Baltimore Oriole A94102
Household Gods Bisque FFE4C4
Hoxbomb Criminal genes A0B19E
Ils ne passeront pas Verdun green 495400
In High Places Islamic green 009000
In the Presence of Mine Enemies Black black
In This Season Golem 919070
Interlibrary Loan Slimy green 299617
The Irvhank Effect Electric yellow FFFF33
Isaac's Universe Purple (default2) purple
Islands in the Sea Bulgarian rose 480607
It's the End of the World As We Know It, And We Feel Fine Vivid Tangerine FE8E80
Joe Steele Steel pink CC33CC
Justin Kloster Stories Ball of string F0E8D9
Justinian Byzantine BD33A4
King of All Coffee 2A140E
The Last Article India green 138808
Last Favor Forest Green 66D120
The Last Reunion Phantom grey B6D1D3
The Last Word Purple (default2) purple
A Late Symmer Night's Battle Mustard yellow FFDB58
Lee at the Alamo True blue 0073CF
Leg Irons, the Bitch and the Wardrobe Purple (default2) purple
Les Mortes d'Arthur Ice cold B1F4E7
Liberating Alaska Alaska Blue B2B9CD
The Lieutenant Safety yellow EED202
Logan's Law Law of attraction ED4D07
Lure Oreo 2B271E
The Maltese Elephant Elephant gray 9E9B90
The Mammyth Sesame Street Green 00A870
The Man who Came Late Golden armor FFDD67
The Man With the Iron Heart Brown 964B00
Manuscript Tradition Parchment F1E9D2
A Massachusetts Yankee in King Arthur's Court Camelot 893456
Merchants of Discord Lead gray 444F53
Miss Manners' Guide to Greek Missology Andromeda DE6D7F
The More it Changes Turkish rose B57281
Mrem Go West Purple (default2) purple
Must and Shall New Orleans F3D69D
Natural Selection Purple (default2) purple
News From the Front Newspaper FAF7F5
Next Year in Jerusalem Road to Jerusalem 9C9057
Nine Drowned Churches The Dunwich Horror 8C9A72
The Njuggle Ocean green 48BF91
None So Blind Dancing dragons B49D5B
Noninterference Bronze CD7F32
Not All Wolves Timberwolf D9D6CF
Occupation Duty Gaza sand A89F7B
Of Mice and Chicks Sexy bunny F5CEC5
The Old Grind Orkney E6E3D1
One Touch of Hippolyta Marble white FFFCF0
Opening of the World Iceberg 80B3C4
The Phantom Tolbukhin Phantom's revenge 121929
Powerless California Red 4E0202
Precious Treasure Purple (default2) purple
The Pugnacious Peacemaker Amazon 3B7A57
The R-Strain Piggy pink FDDDE6
Ready for the Fatherland Oil 281E15
Report of the Special Committee on the Quality of Life Bureaucracy 989490
Roxolan Stories Starship ECF245
Ruled Britannia Goldenrod DAA520
Running of the Bulls Triceratops 969671
The Scepter of Mercy Two kings B3B9A0
The Sea Mother's Gift Ash gray B2BEB5
Secret Names Nomenclature E6BB2F
Shock and Awe Shock and awe D5C049
Shtetl Days Curtain call 96574E
Slue-Foot Sue and the Witch in the Woods Russian violet 32174D
Someone is Stealing the Great Throne Rooms of the Galaxy Space cadet 1D2951
Something Going Around Pretty parasite D9ADD2
Southern Victory Light khaki F0E68C
Speaker to Emos Therapeutic E9F1D9
St. Oswald's Niche Silver chalice ACACAC
The Star and the Rockets UFO green 3CD070
State of Jefferson Stories Big Foot Feet E88E5A
Suffer a Sorceress Purple (default2) purple
The Summer Garden Summer Green 96BBAB
Supervolcano Dark lava 483C32
The Terrific Leader Snow FFFAFA
Thessalonica Purple (default2) purple
They'd Never Glow in the dark green 51FF0D
The Thing in the Woods Things in the Woods 41341B
Three Men and...Stories Midnight 702670
Through Darkest Europe Scarlet FF2400
Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers Topanga Cowgirl E3B033
Traditions Solar eclipse C37E3C
Trantor Falls Psychohistory D3E82A
The Two Georges Dark orange darkorange
Two Thieves River bed 3E4957
Uncle Alf French gray BDBDC6
Under St. Peter's Crown of thorns 771F1F
The Valley-Westside War UCLA Gold FFB300
Vermin Inchworm B2EC5D
Videssos Dark byzantium 5D3954
Vilcabamba Inca gold E3A857
The War Between the Provinces Blond FAF0BE
The War That Came Early Feldgrau 4D5D53
War World Steppe 97BEC2
We Haven't Got There Yet Shakespeare 4EABD1
We Install Solar flare E5743D
The Weather's Fine Fair weather F7E4AB
A World of Difference Navy navy
Worlds Enough, and Time Deep ocean 2A4B5F
Worldwar Green green
The Yorkshire Mammoth Ice Age D5F5FB
Zigeuner Shadow blue 778BA5

1 - An attempt at the St. Louis Browns' colors.
2 - Default color until a specific one is assigned.