The Governor of the State of New York is the chief executive of the U.S. state of New York. The governor is the head of the executive branch of New York's state government and the commander-in-chief of the state's military and naval forces.

Harry Turtledove has fictionalized the New York Governorship as follows.

Joe Steele

Only two Governors are identified:

  • Franklin Roosevelt.jpg
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (Democrat) is Governor from January 1929 until July 1932, when he is killed in an arson fire. This happens identically in both the novel and the short story. He was probably succeeded by Lt. Gov. Herbert H. Lehman, but this is not stated.
  • Thomas e dewey2.jpg
    Thomas Dewey (Republican) is incumbent in 1940, and presumably still incumbent in 1944 when he loses the presidential election to Joe Steele. This happens only in the novel; in the short story Steele ran unopposed.

Southern Victory

In the 20th century, the State Governorship of New York served as a kind of stepping stone to the American Presidency. Incumbent Governors Al Smith (1936) and Thomas Dewey (1944) were elected directly to the presidency.

Governor Term Party
Edwin D. Morgan EdwinDMorgan.jpg 1859-1862 Republican
All unknown N/A 1863-1913 Unknown
(first name unknown)
Nophoto.jpg 1913-1919 Democrat
All unknown N/A 1919-1933 Unknown
Al Smith Alsmith.gif 1933-1937 Socialist
Fiorello LaGuardia LaGuardia.jpg 1937-1943 Socialist
Thomas Dewey Thomas e dewey2.jpg 1943-1945 Democrat
Unknown N/A 1945-series' end Democrat

Literary comment

The series does not specify the beginning and end dates for each Governor's tenure. Most of the dates listed above are based on reasoned guesswork.

Other Governors

William Seward appears in The Guns of the South as Secretary of State, having been Governor before the Point of Divergence.

Horatio Seymour is the incumbent Governor in The Guns of the South, and is elected straight from that office to the Presidency in 1864.

Charles Evans Hughes appears in The War That Came Early: Coup d'Etat and Joe Steele as Chief Justice, having been Governor before the relevant POD of either work.

In addition to the above, Franklin D. Roosevelt appears in numerous works as President of the United States, having been Governor before any of the relevant PODs.

In addition to the above, Thomas Dewey is the incumbent Governor in The Man With the Iron Heart.

Historical Governors in non-gubernatorial roles

Samuel Tilden is referenced in How Few Remain as a recently outgone President. Whether he was Governor before his presidency is unaddressed.

Theodore Roosevelt is a major character in the earlier volumes of Southern Victory, first as a soldier in the 1880s and then as President in the 1910s. Whether he was Governor at any point in the intervening years is not addressed.

Franklin D. Roosevelt is a major character in the later volumes of Southern Victory. While he wears a variety of political "hats" in the series, Governor is never listed among them.

Averell Harriman plays a background role in The Hot War: Fallout as a presidential candidate. He is killed in a World War III bombing raid in 1952, three years before the start of his OTL governorship.

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