I was born 1975, an officer in the German Federal Defence (Bundeswehr) and relatively new to Harry Turtledove.

My most favourite story by Harry Turtledove is In the Presence of Mine Enemies from the Departures anthology, a story I found very deeply moving.

My professional focus is Medical Computer Science, and I am a paramedic in an NPO as well as in the Technical Relief Works (Technisches Hilfswerk). My military branch is signal.

My historical focus (one is required by each german officer) in recent times more and more turns out to be Auschwitz, but also bomber warfare in the 2nd WW, the First World War, the german Colonial History, and Armenia. In my Auschwitz focus, I also focused on the gentile groups suffering from the Holocaust, like the gypsies. All in all, I am quite sound in the history of Europe and Near Asia as far as an amateur goes.

My hobbies are role-playing games, marksmanship, and reading. If I do find the time, I enjoy preparing and partaking in scientific evenings of my christian Studentenverbindung. (Don't believe everything they tell you about it.)

For a short time, I partook in the german wikipedia.