Unnamed Vizier
Fictional Character
"The Castle of the Sparrowhawk"
Type of Appearance: Direct, unnamed
Nationality: Etchmiadzin
Date of Birth: 13th century
Occupation: Prime Minister, later Prince, of Etchmiadzin

When Prince Rupen of Etchmiadzin asked who we would have been if born an ugly palsied pig-farmer, his Vizier replied "someone other than yourself." Discontent with this answer, Rupen set off an a mystical quest into Faerie[1]

In Rupen's absence, the Vizier summoned the noblemen of Etchmiadzin and told them that Rupen, being more interested in mystical quests than in the business of government, was not fit to continue ruling. The Vizier than seized the title of Prince himself with the consent of the majority. A minority opposed him, and forcibly attempted to restore Rupen to the throne, but were handily routed.[2]


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Royal offices
(Fictional Work)
Preceded by
Prince of Etchmiadzin
("The Castle of the Sparrowhawk")

Late 13th century
Succeeded by
Incumbent at story's end
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