Unnamed Vampire
Fictional Character
Three Men and...Stories
Fantasy Pastiche
Appearance(s): "Three Men and a Vampire"
Type of Appearance: Direct (unnamed)
Nationality: United Kingdom (presumably)
Species: Vampire
Date of Birth: Unknown
Date of Death: 1890s
Occupation: Original death unknown, stiletto to heart in vampire form

One early morning in London, Professor Abraham van Helsing and his unlikely allies, Jerome, George, Harris, and Montmorency the dog, were able to dispatch a particularly terrifying vampire in Abney Park Cemetery.[1] The vampire's aide, Stivvings, had already been dispatched by Montmorency.[2] The group confronted the leader just as he was coming out of his grave. When van Helsing made the sign of the cross with Döbereiner's lamp, the flames flashed brightly, illuminating their enemy. His eyes were red and his fangs were long and pronounced. When van Helsing commanded the vampire to leave, it cursed van Helsing and lunged. Van Helsing calmly shot the vampire with a water pistol full of holy water, causing it intense pain. At van Helsing's urging the group tackled the vampire; the three men held it while van Helsing stabbed it with a stiletto until he finally pierced its heart and it vanished in a puff of ashes and dust.[3]


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