The United States Air and Space Force was the air and space arm of the armed forces of the United States of America. This force was the successor of the older, less modern (compared to the technology of the Race) US Army Air Force. It was created out of the need to be on an equal footing with the Race, military-wise. During the Invasion itself, when American pilots flew in prop-driven aircraft against the Race's killercraft, the average pilot's life expectancy was measured in hours. Many pilots survived only due to having injuries, as in the case of Glen Johnson.

The Air and Space Force was created after the Peace of Cairo of 1944. The USASF's craft incorporated much of the Race's killercraft design, as did the other major human military agencies, the Red Air Force and the Reich Rocket Force. The quality of the Force was equal to the Greater German Reich's Rocket Force and far better than the Soviets' planes. This competition among the human powers led to them landing on the Moon (the first man being a German) and the asteroid belt. The Germans were taken out of the space race after the Race-German War of 1965 and the resultant Treaty of Moscow.

The Air and Space Force was advanced enough to able to create spaceships, starting with space station-converted-into-spaceship Lewis and Clark, the Columbus and the faster-than-light starships Tom Edison and Commodore PerryThe Perry later traveled to Home itself. This convinced the Race's leaders that the Tosevites were their equals, if not their betters.

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