United Europe was the successor state to the European Union. The individual countries of the EU surrendered autonomy to United Europe such that they became states of it much like states in the United States. The official language was French although the former national languages continued to be spoken within the individual states. Relations with Eastern Europe to the east remained hostile, the two having fought several border skirmishes.

United Europe in "La Différence"[]

In the late 21st century, a dispute in mining rights in the asteroid belt between United Europe and Japan escalated to war. A Japanese crawler made a surprise attack on Sengen Base, a research station on Io.

United Europe in "Les Mortes d'Arthur"[]

United Europe was wealthy enough to send a large team to Mimas, a moon of Saturn, for the Sixty-sixth Winter Games, but not so wealthy as to have them sent earlier to train in the low-g environment. The team's space suits were considered busy since they blended in so many former national colours.

Louis-Philippe Guizot, a United Europe competitor in the five-kilometer ski jump, was one of the three athletes murdered by the Second Irgun during the Winter Games.

Literary Comment[]

While it's not clear that the events of "Les Mortes d'Arthur" and "La Différence" are set in the same continuity, the descriptions of United Europe in the two stories are similar enough for them to be treated as such for the purpose of this article.