Uncle Tom's Cabin is a novel written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and published in the United States in 1852. A classic piece of anti-slavery propaganda, it tells the stories of the sufferings of a number of slaves in the American South.

Uncle Tom's Cabin in Southern Victory[]

Wildly popular in the Northern United States before the War of Secession, Uncle Tom's Cabin was met with outrage throughout the South. After the war, when the Confederate States were established, the book was banned throughout that country long before the Freedom Party set up an authoritarian regime under President Jake Featherston, even after President James Longstreet manumitted the slaves. Illicit copies of the book circulated among educated blacks in the CS.[1]

Eliza crossing the ice.

Uncle Tom's Cabin in Supervolcano[]

When Colin Ferguson visited Yellowstone National Park, there still was a lot of snow on the ground and much of West Thumb Cove was covered in ice. As a Southern Californian, it weirded Ferguson out and reminded him of Uncle Tom's Cabin and Eliza crossing the ice.[2]

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