Fictional Character
Household Gods
Time-travel Story Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct (body), contemporary and posthumous references (mind)
Nationality: Roman Empire
Religion: Roman pantheon
Date of Birth: Mid 2nd century
Date of Death: Unknown
Occupation: Tavern-owner
Parents: Atpomara
Spouse: Julius (deceased)
Children: Aurelia (d. 170)
Relatives: Brigomarus (brother), see also Umma's family, Nicole Gunther's family

Umma was a tavern-keeper in Carnuntum in the Roman Empire, in the days of Emperor Marcus Aurelius. She was a distant ancestress of Nicole Gunther.

By all accounts, Umma was typical of a woman of her time, treating her slave Julia poorly and beating her children. That all changed when her distant descendant made a wish to Liber and Libera to live in 170 AD. Soon, the two gods deposited Gunther into Umma's body and Nicole did all kinds of things Umma probably wouldn't approved of such as freeing Julia, being gentler with Umma's children and cool and distant to Titus Calidius Severus, Umma's lover. Later, Nicole made right both of the last two mistakes.

Nicole wondered sometimes where Umma had gone while Nicole was in possession of the latter's body. She hoped she didn't have to spend weeks in Nicole's body in a comatose state.

Nicole never learned whether Umma returned to her own body when Nicole went back to the 20th Century, and if so what was her reaction to the things Nicole did when occupying that body.