Fictional Character
"None So Blind"
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Empire of Mussalmi
Occupation: Savant, Explorer, Biologist

Uluots was a Mussalmian savant in the Toivo expedition to the tropical continent. He collected scat samples of the mysterious unicorns the expedition had discovered, and charged Kyosti to preserve them.[1] When Kyosti wondered what kept the unicorn population in check, Uluots suggested the mysterious dragons the blond natives were so insistent on. Soon enough, Uluots collected the scat of a mysterious large, clawed creature which had unicorns in its diet. Kyosti and Uluots mulled over using a native man as dragon bait, then shuddered in the thought that the heartless Baron Toivo might take them up on this idea.[2] The predator whose scat they had tracked indeed matched up to their notion of a dragon.


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