Ulror Raska's son
Fictional Character
Appearance(s): "A Difficult Undertaking"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Halogai citizen of Namdalen
Religion: Haloga Polytheism
Occupation: Warleader
Parents: Raska (father)

Ulror Raska's son was a Haloga warleader from the Halogaland district of Namdalen. Some time after the Reign of Krispos, he decided to take advantage of a civil war in the Empire of Videssos between two rival emperors to seize the island of Kalavria. While the drive was generally successful (much of Kalavria was in Halogai hands) Ulror found himself under siege in the fortress of Sotevag by the Videssian general Kypros Zigabenos. With the fall of Sotevag, the other Halogai positions could fall.[1]

In a fit of braggadocio, Ulror, who fully expected Sotevag to fall, cursed Zigabenos and stated "The only way you’ll get me out of Sotevag is stinking in my coffin!" As the siege continued, it seemed more and more likely that Ulror would die in Sotevag. This was confirmed by the wizard Kolskegg Cheese-Curd, who noted that Ulror's future contained a coffin and the stench of the grave.[2]

To escape death, Ulror ordered Kolskegg to cast a seeming on him so he would appear dead. The spell resulted in the death of the wizard instead. In a fit of inspiration, Ulror began collecting the corpses of birds. These he smeared upon his body after they'd sufficiently decomposed. The stench combined with his gaunt physique convinced Zigabenos that Ulror was indeed dead. Zigabenos allowed the Halogai to take Ulror's "corpse" out of the fortress. He and his men eventually joined up with other Halogai on Kalavria.[3]


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