USS Saratoga (CV-3) was the second aircraft carrier of the United States Navy, and the fifth ship to bear her name. She was commissioned one month earlier than her sister and class leader, Lexington, which is the third actually commissioned after Langley and Saratoga. As Saratoga was visually identical to Lexington, her funnel was painted with a large black vertical stripe to assist pilots in recognizing her. This identifying mark earned her the nickname "Stripe-Stacked Sara." Saratoga, Enterprise, and Ranger were the only fleet aircraft carriers of the United States Navy built before the war to survive and serve throughout American involvement in World War II.

USS Saratoga in Days of InfamyEdit

USS Saratoga was one three carriers that were part of the fleet the United States sent to Hawaii in June 1942, in a failed attempt to retake the islands from the Empire of Japan. Saratoga and another carrier, Yorktown, were sunk.

USS Saratoga in "News From the Front"Edit

Due to the Honolulu Advertiser leaking preparations about the US Navy's Midway operation, the Japanese knew the US was coming and were able to sink both the Saratoga and the Hornet in the Battle of Midway.

USS Saratoga in The War That Came EarlyEdit

The USS Saratoga was lost in 1941 while in action against the Japanese Navy.

Literary CommentEdit

Although not stated directly, it is stated that the US Navy has lost five aircraft carriers, but due to one being lost at Hawaii, and four being lost at Wake Island, it is never clarified which ones.

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