USS Hornet (CV-8) of the United States Navy was a Yorktown class aircraft carrier of World War II, notable for launching the Doolittle Raid, as a participant in the Battle of Midway, and for action in the Solomon Islands before being irreparably damaged and sunk in the Battle of the Santa Cruz Islands. She was the seventh ship to carry the name "Hornet".

USS Hornet in Days of Infamy[]

The seventh USS Hornet participated in both of the USA's attempts to reconquer the island territory of Hawaii from the Empire of Japan.

The first attempt came in June, 1942, and was quickly aborted. Hornet was one of three carriers in the fleet (the other two were the Saratoga and the Yorktown), and the only one to survive engagement with the Japanese navy. Though badly damaged, the Hornet was able to make it back to port.

The Hornet was sent into battle again a year later as part of the successful invasion in 1943.

USS Hornet in "News From the Front"[]

Due to the Honolulu Advertiser leaking preparations about the US Navy's Midway operation, the Japanese knew the US was coming and were able to sink both the Saratoga and the Hornet in the Battle of Midway.

USS Hornet in The War That Came Early[]

The USS Hornet was lost in 1941 while in action against the Japanese Navy.

Literary Comment[]

Although not stated directly, it is stated that the US Navy has lost five aircraft carriers, but due to one being lost at Hawaii, and four being lost at Wake Island, it is never clarified which ones.