The USS Ericsson was a US Navy destroyer, named after Jon Ericsson, designer of the first monitor-class ships during the War of Secession. She was a four stack ship capable of 28 knots during her sea trials[1] and armed with four-inch guns.[2]

In the last years of the Great War, the Ericsson found itself in a cat-and-mouse game with the Confederate submersible the CSS Bonefish, commanded by Roger Kimball. Shortly after the Great War ended in 1917, the Bonefish happened upon the Ericsson. Kimball decided to sink the ship, illegally.

Although Kimball swore his crew to secrecy, wanting to let the world think the Ericsson was sunk by a British vessel, there was an information leak by the boat's executive officer, Tom Brearley, who had disapproved of the action at the time. As a result, Brearley was murdered in 1921 by Freedom Party Stalwarts who were acquitted of the crime. However, Kimball was shot to death in 1923 by Sylvia Enos, the widow of George Enos, a sailor who went down with the ship.


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