Author Harry Turtledove
Publisher Tor.com
Collected The Best of Harry Turtledove
Illustrator Red Nose Studio
Series State of Jefferson Stories
Genre(s) Alternate History, Science fiction
Publication date June 15, 2016
Preceded by "Peace is Better"
Followed by "Something Fishy" (internal chronology)
"Three Men and a Sasquatch" (publishing order)

"Typecasting" is a short work by Harry Turtledove published online at Tor.com and in e-book form on June 15, 2016 and reprinted in the collection The Best of Harry Turtledove (2021). It is an alternate history work, and is the third in series of stories featuring Bill Williamson, the Sasquatch governor of the state of Jefferson.

Set in the spring of 1980, the story focuses on more firmly on Williamson and his family than the two short vignettes preceding it. When Williamson learns that his college-student daughter, Nicole, has been cast as Caliban in the Ashland Shakespeare Festival's production of The Tempest primarily because she is a Sasquatch, he decides to bring a certain amount of political pressure to bear on the play's director and the school itself.