Fictional Character
Set in the 22nd Century
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Species: Unnamed
Nationality: Kussara
Religion: Kussaran pantheon, later agnostic
Occupation: Soldier

Tushratta was the captain of Kussara's eastern gate. He was completely loyal to the king, Pitkhanas, and like his people, he heard the voices of the gods and the deceased, although their voices were not as loud and distinct as others heard.

When crew of the William Howells arrived in Kussara, Tushratta became very close to the "Terrajin". During a game of poker, he was introduced to the concept of "bluff". Understanding this concept made him unique among his people: he became conscious.

Tushratta was promoted to warmaster of the town. He began plotting against Pitkhanas, imagining easily assassinating the king. He no longer heard the gods. Although he missed them initially, he was able to move forward confidently.