Welcome to TurtleWiki[]

TurtleWiki is (to become) the resource for works and events and characters in those works of Harry Turtledove.

How to contribute[]

TurtleWiki offers an encyclopedia of the characters and works of Harry Turtledove. Not sure where to start? Why don't you check the Bibliography? You can contribute missing information about the books, the characters, and the events therein, thus completing the encyclopedia and helping others - and yourself! - check on information from past books and read about new works.

Also of interest is the OTL version of the events described by Turtledove. If you see an article about an event or character that lacks something or you can improve, just go ahead and add it. Be bold!

General Rules[]

These rules will serve to try and help contributors who are confused or needing a little help while also discouraging contributions that are not in the spirit of this Wiki:

Chain Of Command: Although we are a friendly community we have a "chain of command" with the admins making rules, enforcing rules and keeping order: users contribute and have fun but need to remember admins are not democratic, neither are they tyrants - Admins should be approachable and not completely insane with power but at the same time users must treat admins with the respect you give any authority or expect punishment. It's much like the real-world, you can not walk up to an authority figure and force them to do as you say, empty threats and outright stupidity will only serve to alienate you from the community as a whole - This system may not suit everyone but much like any community we need to acknowledge the fact that contributing is a privilege, not a right and like all privileges it can (and should) be removed if abused.

Links, Pictures & Misc. Items: We allow users to post links, funny pictures and "fun" items but within reason - such as pages like Inconsistencies in Turtledove's Work or Turtledove's Tropes.

Language: Contributors should be aware that at this wiki, we do not allow excessive profanity or offensive language - We are a community of mixed age groups and some profanity/offensive terms will crop up; however, it is never acceptable to use extremely offensive language however and doing so will be frowned upon. As a general rule the same applies to articles, do not litter articles with offensive language - even articles listed as mature.

Grammar: In the same way, remember that articles are meant to be read by people so try making them clear, concise and readable. Few people will frown upon one typing error or two but having hardly readable messes instead of articles is not very enjoyable for anyone.