Fictional Character
The Scepter of Mercy
Appearance(s): The Bastard King
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Avornis
Religion: Pantheon of Avornis
Occupation: Wizard

Turnix was the ship's wizard of the Tigerfish under Captain Grus in the 30th year of the reign of Mergus of Avornis. He had proven panicky, causing several false alarms in a fairly short period. Thus, when he warned Grus of some undefined danger, and even hinted that the Banished One might be behind it, Grus and his lieutenant, Nicator, disregarded him.[1] That night, however, Grus dreamed of an encounter with the Banished One, and realized Turnix wasn't such a bumbler after all. Upon awakening, Grus even tracked down the sleeping Turnix and silently apologized.[2]


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