Current incarnation of the Turk's Head

The Turk's Head was a coffee house in the New Palace Yard neighbourhood of London. The coffee house, believed to be the first such establishment in the city, was opened in 1652 by Pasqua Rosée and Daniel Edwards. In late 1659 and early 1660, it hosted the Rota Club debating society which included Samuel Pepys. Records indicate that a man named Miles was the owner at that time. The site is currently (2010s) occupied by the Jamaica Wine House, constructed in the 19th century.

Turk's Head in A Different Flesh[]

The Turk's Head was a coffee house in London. Samuel Pepys and his fellows in the Rota Club ate there in May 1661. A serving girl named Kate served them, and Sir William Henry made a joke about Pepys' admiration of her.[1]


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