Fictional Character
Give Me Back My Legions!
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Cherusci
Religion: Polytheism
Date of Birth: 1st century BC
Occupation: Warrior

Tudrus was a brother-in-arms of Segestes, close to the latter's own age. Segestes' daughter Thusnelda was promised to Arminius. When Segestes had reason to believe that Arminius was planning open rebellion against Rome, he broke off that engagement and promised Thusnelda to Tudrus instead. The incensed Arminius snuck into Segestes' household and spirited away the willing Thusnelda.

Literary comment[]

While primary sources suggest that Thusnelda's betrothal to Arminius was challenged, the precise circumstances are not made clear. The name Tudrus probably comes from a chief of the Quadi in approximately the same time period.