The mausoleum of Trsat.

Trsat Castle (Croatian: Gradina Trsat) is a castle-fortress in Rijeka, Croatia. The 17th-century Croatian nobleman Vuk Krsto Frankopan is buried in one of the churches. The Trsat castle was completely reconstructed and renovated in the 19th century when the mausoleum of the military commander Laval Nugent was built in its interior. The courtyard of the castle has now been turned into a restaurant and many tourists visit the place during the summer months.

Trsat Castle in "Ready for the Fatherland"Edit

In July 1979, Trsat Castle's mausoleum was chosen by Serb partisan Bogdan as the site of a meeting with British agents George Smith and Peter Drinkwater, whom he believed would be supplying his movement with reasonably-priced weapons. Instead, the Englishmen turned out to be in league with the Ustashi, and handed Bogdan over to them.

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