The Trokmoi (singular: Trokme) were a nomadic people to the north of the Elabonian Empire. Under the reign of Emperor Ros the Fierce, the Trokmoi were driven out of Elabon and kept out for centuries. But in the reign of Emperor Hildor III, the Trokmoi rallied under a new leader named Balamung, and invaded the Elabonian northlands with more strength than ever before.


The prime gods of the Trokmoi were Esus, Taranis, and Teutates. The most common Trokme oath was by these three, in no particular order. Another god was Fomor, who seemed to be a literal personification of the moon of the same name.

Literary commentEdit

The Trokmoi are primarily based on the Gauls, although an element of the Germanic tribes may creep into the analogy on occasion. Teutates (alternately Toutatis or a number of other spellings) was a Gaulish god referenced in Roman chronicles.

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